Best Chinese Food in Mukwonago

Welcome to the Imperial House of Mukwonago.

Please stop in to say hi and enjoy some great Chinese food!

Updated 11/10

*With the holidays in full swing, we are extra busy during weekends. We highly suggest to order ahead (1+ hours).

Holiday Hours

11/24: CLOSED

11/25: CLOSED

11/26: CLOSED

12/24: CLOSED

12/25: CLOSED


**Potstickers (dumplings) now must be ordered a day in advanced. We hand make make the dough and filling, so it takes extra time, love, and care. We might make a few extras (time permitting), just ask!



Tues – Sat: 11am – 8:30pm


**We do NOT DO ANY FOOD DELIVERY SERVICE (ex: DoorDash, UberEats, etc). If you have ordered from them, then you may have been scammed.


We are a family owned and operated, four man team with only one chef. We appreciate you being patient and understanding during the rush hours. There is a limited amount of certain food items we can make in a day (Egg Foo Young, Potstickers[dumplings]), we apologize in advanced if we run out.

-The Sun Family

(Sunny, Weilan, Angela, Alice)